Bio Aina Bestard


  1. I am from Mallorca, I live in Barcelona and I have spent many summers in Poland.
  2. My grandfather was a great draftsman, my father is an anthropologist and my mother is an artist. I’m a little pice of all of them.
  3. I like popular art, the Renaissance, Easter and the “gossip magazines”.
  4. I’m the creator of the series “What is hidden”, translated into more than 15 languages and with 250,000 copies sold around the world.
  5. I have designed for brands like Camper, Women’s Secret and Vialis.
  6. I also drew a lot of vinyl stickers for Chispum
  7. My purpose is to draw books to help kids not become ignorant and insensitive adults and the kind of people that vote for Trump.
  8. Naixements Bestials is one of my favourite books that I have published. It is made with a special vegetable paper and it won the Serra d´Or.
  9. My last book is about the evolution of the planet and I drew dinosaurs, amoebas, fossils and lost landscapes.
  10. My next books will talk about dreams, constellations and night.